IAABO play of the week

posted Dec 3, 2019, 2:43 PM by Terry Irish

Below are observations and the ruling from the IAABO National Coordinators of Interpreters.

There is often contact during rebounding action.  When players are in equally favorable positions or the contact does not place an opponent at a disadvantage, the contact is incidental, and play should be allowed to continue.  On this play, the contact by blue #12 is illegal and she, not white #23 should have been charged with a foul.  Her initial position is legal, however as she backs toward the free throw line, she illegally displaces white #23.  (Rule 4-37-2.a and 4-37-2.c.)  As white #23 jumps vertically, blue #12 continues to back into her which gives the appearance white #23 jumps into blue #12’s space.  Rebounding displacement that results in an advantage or creates a disadvantage is a foul and must be called. 

Despite the Lead’s rotation starting a little late and the fact his pace in getting to the ball side was a little slow, he had a pretty good look at the play.  As the Lead rotates to his side, the Center official incorrectly rotates away from a competitive match up on the try and the subsequent rebounding action.  When the Lead rotates in a situation like this, the Center/new Trail must stay and officiate the play and not automatically move to the Trail position.  While the new Center on the play moves correctly toward his new position, he is still moving while the ball is in flight.  Had he stopped when the try hit the ring and focused on the rebounding match-up between blue #12 and white #23, he would have been able to clearly see the illegal contact by the defensive rebounder, and with a confident, quick whistle could have gotten the play correct for this crew.  Teaching Point:  Both the Center and Trail officials must stay engaged on shot and rebounding plays.  Please review the IAABO Crew of Two and Crew of Three manuals regarding rebounding position and responsibility and discuss these plays in your dressing room pregame conferences.

Thank you and please check the next issue of Inside the Lines to see what your fellow officials thought about this play.  From all of us in IAABO, best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family!

If you have a clip from one of your games or a game you've observed that you think would be helpful to share, please send it to tmkcallahan@aol.com.

Once again, thank you, and have a great week!