IAABO Play of the Week - Continuous motion?

posted Feb 1, 2018, 10:48 AM by Terry Irish

   ART. 1... Continuous motion applies to a try or tap for field goals and free throws, but it has no significance unless
       there is a foul by any defensive player during the interval which begins when the habitual throwing movement
       starts a try or with the touching on a tap and ends when the ball is clearly in flight.
   ART. 2... If an opponent fouls after a player has started a try for goal, he/she is permitted to complete the 
       customary arm movement, and if pivoting or stepping when fouled, may complete the usual foot or body
       movement in any activity while holding the ball.  These privileges are granted only when the usual throwing
       motion has started before the foul occurs and before the ball is in flight.

In my opinion, the C was in proper position to make the call, but the offensive player had started the shooting motion prior to the foul. The basket should have counted.