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posted Nov 15, 2019, 6:54 AM by Terry Irish

Should this have been a traveling violation? 

Answer below:

This is a traveling violation on white #22 for lifting a pivot foot and placing it back to the floor before releasing the ball on a try.

A player who catches the ball while dribbling with one foot on the floor, that foot will become the pivot when the other foot touches in a step.  (4-44-2.b.1)

On this play, White #22 dribbles into the lane and ends the dribble with the left foot touching the floor.  He then “spins” and steps with the right foot.  Once this step is taken, this establishes the LEFT foot as the pivot foot. 

As white #22 continues his move, he lifts his left foot, which is the pivot foot, and then places it back to the floor to complete his move to the basket.  This is a traveling violation. 

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