Question on free throw spots during COVID

posted Jan 29, 2021, 7:32 AM by Terry Irish

On free throws, can the one or 2 offensive players on the lane occupy only the two blocks near the defense or can they move up to the open blocks near the shooter?
Also is the rule just for COVID or the same for next year?

Here is the MIAA rule for free throws during COVID:

Free Throw Situations o To limit congestion and contact, free throw lanes will be limited to four players. o On two/three shot fouls, free throw lanes will remain empty and players can only enter lanes prior to the final attempt. o For one-and-one and single free throw attempts, all four players may position themselves on the first attempt.

Since MIAA does not mention anything further, we must then revert to NFHS rules:

8-1-4b: The first marked lane spaces on each side of the lane, above and adjacent to the first lane-space, must be occupied by the opponents of the free thrower. No teammate of the free thrower must occupy either of these marked lane spaces.