Refresher test rehash

posted Dec 9, 2019, 1:01 PM by Terry Irish

Question  #20: 

During an AP throw-in, thrower-in A-1 places the ball through the plan of the boundary line. B-1 grabs the ball and neither player can get the ball from the other. The official rules a held ball and gives the ball to Team A for an AP possession throw-in. Was the official correct?

Yes. 4-42-5a. ADD-ON: Case book play: 7.6.4 Situation E. This is the exact play as above.

Question #68:

Team B is leading 62-60 whan A-1 is fouled as the horn sounds. Team A is not in the bonus, but A-1 is erroneously awarded the free throws to tie the score. Team B controls the jump ball to start the OT period and scores to make the score 64-62. Before the ball becomes live, the error is discovered and corrected. The Referee rules the game is over and Team B is the winner. Is the official correct?

No. 5-7-4. ADD-ON: Case book play: 5.7.1. This is the exact play as above. Take away the points via correctable error, but the OT period must be played.

Question #72: While a try is in flight, one official rules a blocking fout on B-1 and the other oficial rules a foul on the airborne shooter A-1. The ball enters the basket. The official rule a double personal foul, count the goald and award the ball to Team B. Are the officials correct?

Yes. 4-36-2b, 5-1-1, Case Book 4-19-8 Situation C. ADD-ON: Yesterday, I believe I said this was an exception. It is not. This was ruled a double personal foul, not a player control foul and therefore the basket would count.