Teaser #1: Oct 21, 2016

posted Nov 21, 2016, 9:27 AM by Tim MacDonald


The score is Team B 51 and Team A 50. A1 is dribbling in his/her frontcourt as B1 establishes a legal guarding position. With 5 seconds remaining in the contest, A1 drives for the goal and in the paint area, B1 flops to the floor without being contacted. A1 subsequently travels with the ball in attempt to avoid B1 laying on the floor. The official rules a traveling violation as the clock expires. Team B wins the contest.  Is the official correct?


This is a dilemma that officials have faced for years. Last second shot and we want to let the teams decide the winner. In the scenario above, no matter what is called someone will not be happy. It's not possible to ignore the travel so a whistle must be blown; but for what? Clearly A1 did nothing wrong, but was put at a disadvantage by B1's illegal act. In my opinion, the action of B1 needs to be penalized. Call a technical foul on B1 for faking being fouled (unsporting act) and let the free throws decide the game. Rule 10-4-6f.

That's assuming that you have not let flopping go on all game and then decide to call it in the last 5 seconds!!