Teaser #2: October 24, 2016

posted Nov 21, 2016, 9:29 AM by Tim MacDonald   [ updated Nov 21, 2016, 9:31 AM ]


Q1: Prior to the opening jump the official notices that A1 is wearing an undershirt with sleeves cut off and hemmed at the shoulders while A2 & A3 are both wearing undershirts with normal length sleeves. The official rules that all players must wear the same length sleeves. Is the official correct?

Q2: Following a charged timeout Team B is still with their coach on the sideline when the official sounds the whistle to indicate play will resume. Four players of Team B return to the court just in time to play defense as A1 attempts an unsuccessful try for goal. B1 rebounds and throws a long pass to B5 who enters the court just in time to catch the pass. The official lets the play continue. Is the official correct?

 Q3: The ruling official has reported a foul and has given directions to players along the lane. The official is ready to put the ball at free thrower A1’s disposal, but A1 is at the sideline talking to the coach. The official immediately calls a technical foul on A1. Is the official correct?



 A1: No. Rule 3.5.6. The rule does not require all players to wear the same length sleeves. Undershirts shall be a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey and shall be hemmed and not have frayed or ragged edges. If the undershirt has sleeves, they shall be the same length.

 A2: No. Rule 10.2.5. A technical foul is immediately charged to Team B for failing to have all players return to the court following a time-out or intermission. One a team responds, all players must enter the court at approximately the same time.

 A3: Yes. Rule 10.4.5c. A1 is delaying the game. No warning is authorized in this situation. The resumption of play procedure is only in effect after a time-out or intermission.