Teaser #4: November 4, 2016

posted Nov 21, 2016, 9:36 AM by Tim MacDonald


Q1: With three-tenths of a second or less left in a tied game, each team is in the bonus. Team A has a throw-in on the end line near their basket. A1 throws the ball to A5 on the near block who catches the ball and quickly shoots. A5 is fouled by B3 just prior to the expiration of time. The ball goes through A’s basket. The official disallows the goal, but will have A1 shoot a one-and-one for the common foul.  Was the official correct?


Q2: 7 minutes before the scheduled starting time for the game, Team A present its team roster and its starting lineup to the scorer and then, at 6 minutes prior to the game starting time, Team A presents 2 additional names to the score for the team list. The official assesses 1 technical foul for all infractions. Was the official correct?


Q3: A1 tries for a goal while B1 jumps and attempts to block the shot, but instead slaps or strikes the backboard which vibrates the ring. The ball does not go into the basket.  The official rules this a legal play. Was the official correct?




A1: Yes. Rule 5.2.5. Since A5 may not control the ball and attempt a try with three-tenths of a second or less, A5 cannot score a goal and is not considered in the act of shooting. However, B3’s foul cannot be ignored. A5 is awarded a one-and-one bonus free-throw situation with the lane cleared. A5’s free throw attempts will determine if the game is over or if an OT period is necessary. Case Book Play, 2016-17, Page 40, 5.2.5  Situation C.


A2: No. Rule 3-2. Team A is assessed one technical foul for the violation of not presenting its team member list nor designating its starting lineup at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game starting time. Team A is also assessed one technical foul for the two names which were added to its team roster six minutes prior to the game starting time. The game would begin with Team B shooting 4 free throws and would be awarded the ball at the division line. The head coach does not lose the privilege of the coaching box and is not charged with indirect technical fouls on administrative technical fouls.


A3: Yes. Rule 10-4-4. As long a B1 makes a legitimate attempt to block the ball this is a legal play. The fact that the ring vibrated and the ball did not enter the basket is given no consideration. If it was not a legitimate attempt by B1, then a technical foul would be assessed to B1, but the goal would still not count