Teaser #5: November 14, 2016

posted Nov 21, 2016, 9:43 AM by Tim MacDonald


Q1: B1 is directed to leave the game because of excessive blood on his/her uniform jersey. Team B does not have any extra jerseys. The coach finds an older jersey that is not the exact color or style of the Team B jersey, but is not in conflict with Team A’s jerseys. The official will not allow B1 to re-enter the game.  Was the official correct?

Q2: A1 is about to attempt the first of a one-and-one free throw situation. The administering official steps in and erroneously informs players that two free throws will be taken. A1’s first attempt is unsuccessful. The missed free throw is rebounded by A2, with all other player motionless in anticipation of another free throw. The official allows the play to continue and A2 scores a goal. Was the official correct?

Q3: A1 and A2 set a double screen near the end line. B3 intentionally goes out of bounds outside the end line to avoid being detained by A1 and A2. As B3 is out of bounds, A3’s try is in flight. The official rules a leaving-the-floor violation on B3, disallows the goal by A3 and awards the ball to Team A nearest the violation.  Was the official correct?


A1: No. Rule 3.3.7. The spirit and intent of the rule is to do everything possible to allow the player to use a different jersey and return without penalty. However, identical numbers shall not be allowed on the same team.

A2: No. Rule 8.6.1. The official’s error clearly put Team B at a disadvantage. The play should have been ruled dead immediately and resumed with the AP arrow. If the official’s did not recognize this until after A2 scored, the basket would count. And if the Team B coach found out, they would have to apologize profusely for their mistake. This is not a correctable error situation.

A3: No. Rule 9.3.3. B3 will be called for a leaving-the-floor violation. Team A will receive the ball out of bounds at a spot nearest to where the violation occurred. Since the violation is on the defense, the ball does not become dead until the try has ended. If the try is successful, it will count. Rule 6-7-9 Exception D. 2016-17 Case book play, 9.3.3 SITUATION C, page 70.