Teaser #6

posted Nov 21, 2016, 11:14 AM by Terry Irish

11/21/16: Teaser questions


Q1: While A1’s free throw is in flight, A2 and B2 commit a double personal foul followed by a free-throw violation by A3 who entered the 3-point arc early. The official resumes play using the AP procedure because neither team was in possession.  Was the official correct?


Q2: A1 is fouled and is injured on the play. A6 enters to replace A1. Prior to A6 entering the semi-circle to attempt the free throws awarded to A1, A7 reports to replace A6. The official beckons A7 into the game. Was the official correct?


Q3: A1 has the ball for a throw-in. The throw-in is muffed by A3. As A2 and B2 are attempting to recover the loose ball, A2 fouls B2. The official charges A2 with a common foul and awards B2 a one and one.  Was the official correct?



A1: No. 4-36-2b. The ball would be awarded to Team B at the POI necessitated by A3’s violation.


A2: No. 8-2. A6 is the designated substitute for A1 and must shoot the free throws.


A3: No. 4-12-2d, 4-19-7. There is still team control during the throw in until player control is obtained in-bounds.