Teaser #8

posted Dec 5, 2016, 6:15 AM by Terry Irish

12/05/16: Teaser questions


Q1: A1 is dribbling in the front-court. After establishing a legal guarding position, B1 places a right hand on the hip of A1, quickly removes it and then place the left hand on on the hip of A1. The official ignores the contact as there was no advantage gained. Was the official correct?


Q2: A1 is fouled by B1 during an unsuccessful try and is awarded two free throws. Team B requests and is granted a time out. Team B disregards the 15-second warning signal and the signal ending the time out. The official indicates that the free throws can’t take place as Team B is not occupying the lower marked lane spaces and assesses Team B a technical foul for delay of game.  Was the official correct?


Q3: A1 is driving toward the basket for an apparent goal when the official trailing the play is cursed by B1.  The official blows an immediate whistle and assesses B1 with a technical foul for unsporting behavior. Was the official correct?


A1: No. 10-7-12d. A defender may not contact a ball handler/dribbler more than once with the same hand or alternating hands. Establishing illegal contact early in the contest should lead to an easier game to officiate.


A2: No. 10.2.1. The official shall administer the first free throw using the resumption of play procedure and will call a violation if the the shot is missed. It two Team B players are not in the required position when the official is ready to put the ball in play for the substitute throw, a delay of game technical foul will then be assessed. If the first attempt is good, the same procedure is used for the second attempt.


A3: No. 10.5.1 SITUATION F (2016-17 Case Book, page 85). The official shall withhold blowing the whistle until A1 has either made or missed the shot. The official shall then assess B1 with a technical foul.