Teaser of the week ...

posted Dec 19, 2016, 8:48 AM by Terry Irish

12/19/16: Teaser questions


Q1: A1, while in the act of shooting, is fouled but time expires before the ball is released. The try is successful. The official disallows the goal and awards A1 two free throws. Was the official correct?


Q2: A1’s throw in is deflected by B2. Prior to either team gaining control inbounds, A2 fouls B2. Team B is in the bonus. The official awards B2 a one-and-one free throw.  Was the official correct?


Q3: Team A is granted a timeout. As A1 is heading to the bench are, A1 is charged with a technical foul. The official rules A1 is bench personnel and charges an indirect technical foul to the head coach. Was the official correct?


A1: Yes. 6-7-6 Exception c. The continuous motion does not apply when time expires.

A2: No. 4-12-2d, 4-19-7. There is still team control by Team A until the throw in ends. If you did allow this to happen, think how you would adjudicate this scenario with the correctable error; what is the proper time sequence to determine if it’s correctable and how is the ball put back in play?


A3: No. 4-34-1. A1 is still a player during the timeout.