Teaser of the week ...

posted Jan 5, 2017, 7:16 AM by Terry Irish

01/05/17: Teaser questions


Q1: While A1 is attempting a free throw, B1 in a marked lane space, is clapping and yelling loudly. A1’s free throw fails to hit the ring. The official rules a double violation. Was the official correct?


Q2: During a throw-in, A1 muffs the ball where it hits the court inbounds.  A1 recovers the ball while still out of bounds and releases the ball inbounds. The official rules a violation. Was the official correct?


Q3: Player A1 commits his/her fifth foul. The official notifies the head coach of Team A, but before A1 is notified, A1 is assessed with a technical foul for unsporting behavior. The official rules that A1 is bench personnel and also assesses the head coach with an indirect technical foul. Was the official correct?


A1: No. 9-1-3c, 9-1 Penalties 4c. Only penalize B1 for disconcerting A1.

A2: Yes. 7-6-2. If A1 had muffed the ball out of bounds and not left the designated spot,  there would be no violation.


A3: Yes. 4-34-3, 4-14-2. In addition, the head coach of Team A must sit the remainder of the game.