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posted Jan 27, 2017, 7:49 AM by Terry Irish

01/29/17: Teaser questions


I’d like to take an informal survey to determine if our members are using our website and the Interpreter’s corner. If you are reading these teaser questions, please send an email to me at terryirish12@gmail.com and just say “I read them”. Thanks. See you Sunday at the meeting.


Q1: The third quarter ends. As the teams are heading to their respective benches, team members A1 and B1 verbally taunt one another. The nearest official assesses a double technical foul for unsporting behavior.  The official does not assess an indirect technical to the head coaches as both A1 and B1 were players. Was the official correct?


Q2: During congested play near the free throw line, B1 and B2 in legal guarding positions, are less than 3 feet apart when A1 drives toward the basket trying to split the defenders. There is contact and both B1 and B2 fall to the floor. The official rules a blocking foul on B1. Was the official correct?


Q3: A1, at the free throw line to attempt a free throw, fakes the release of the ball. B1 immediately steps into the lane.  The official rules a technical foul on A1 for unsporting behavior. Was the official correct?


A1: No. 4.34.1. During the intermission between quarters, all team members are bench personnel for the purpose of penalizing unsporting behavior. Both head coaches are indirectly charged with technical fouls and lose their coaching box privileges. Play resumes at the POI which is an AP arrow throw-in to begin the 4th quarter. The technical fouls on A1 and B1 will count toward disqualification and toward the team foul count.

A2: No. 10.7.7. If a foul was called, it should be a player control foul on A1. A player may not dribble between two opponents unless the space is such as to provide a reasonable chance of going through without contact.


A3: No. 9.1.3. It would be a violation on A1 for faking a free throw attempt.