Teaser questions

posted Nov 11, 2018, 11:20 AM by Terry Irish
The Interpretation meeting was well attended this morning. Thanks everyone for your cooperation. Now that we are preparing for the upcoming season, here are a few teaser questions:

Q1: Team A scores making the score 51 to 50 in favor of Team B. B-1 has the ball for the throw-in with 7 seconds remaining in the game. As the official reaches a count of 4 on the 5-second count, B-1 throws the ball straight up into the air. The ball does not cross the plane of the boundary line. The official rules a throw-in violation on Team B. Is the official correct?

Q2: A-1 is fouled in the act of shooting, makes the goal and is awarded one free throw. After the successful free throw the lead official recognizes that one player from each team is occupying the first marked lane spaces. After a brief discussion the officials rule this a double free throw violation and cancel the free throw. Are the officials correct?

Q3: During a time-out, the official charges player A-1 with a technical foul and charges an indirect technical foul to the head coach. Is the official correct?












A1: Yes. 4-42-4, 7-6-2, 9-2-4

A2: No. Case Book page #64, 9.1.2 Situation B

A3: No. 4-34-1, 4-34-2