Teaser questions

posted Nov 25, 2019, 11:07 AM by Terry Irish

Q1: B-2 fouls A-2. A-2 is awarded a one-and-one. After the successful first free throw, the official recognized that Team A players occupied the first marked lane spaces. The official cancels the free throw and resumes play by awarding team B the ball for a throw-in. Is the official correct?

Q2: While A-1s throw-in is in flight, A-2 and B-2 are assessed a double personal foul. The official re-administers the throw-in to Team A. Is the official correct?

Q3: A-1, while holding the ball, pivots into the path of B-2 so quickly B-2 cannot stop or change direction to avoid the contact. The official charges A-1 with a player control foul for an illegal screen. Is the official correct?



Answers below.








A1: No. 5-1-1

A2: Yes. 4-36-2b. Team control during a throw-in.

A3: Yes. 4-40-2b, 4-19-6