Teaser questions

posted Nov 16, 2020, 7:06 AM by Terry Irish
Let's see who was paying attention at the Interpretation meeting yesterday!

Q1. With 2:33 remaining in the 4th quarter, the coach of Team A is assessed a second direct technical and is ejected from the game. The score is Team A - 52, Team B - 66. There is no authorized school personnel available to coach Team A. The referee terminates the game and records the score as a 2-0 win for Team B in the official book.  Is the referee correct?


Q2. In the first quarter, the coach of Team B jumps from a seated position and yells at the closest official to “blow your damn whistle”. The official assesses the coach with a technical foul. The coach insists there should be a warning issued prior to a technical foul.  Was the official correct?


Q3. At the conclusion of the 4th quarter with score tied, the coach of Team A is assessed with a technical foul. The officials confer and have Team B take 2 foul shots. B-5 misses the first shot, but makes the second shot. Team B wins the game.  Were the officials correct?













A1. No. 5-4-1, 5-4-2.

The game is terminated, but since Team B has the lead, the score remains.


A2. Yes. 10-6.

You do not have to give any coach a warning prior to a technical foul.


A3. No. 5-6-2 Exception 4.

When the scored is tied at the end of regulation or any overtime period and a technical foul is assessed, administer the foul shots at the start the next period. Only administer the foul shots in the current period, if the score is not tied and the foul shots could determine the result of the game.