Teaser questions

posted Nov 24, 2020, 11:28 AM by Terry Irish

Q1. B-5 fouls A-1, who is awarded two free throws. It’s B-5’s fifth foul. The official tells the timer to sound a 15-second warning horn. As the timer sounds a second warning horn, B-6 reports and replaces B-5. After B-6 enters the court, A-6 reports to replace A-5. The closest official to the table denies A-6 from entering the game. Was the official correct?


Q2. B-1 establishes a legal guarding position on A-1. As A-1 drives toward the basket and just prior to a collision, B-1 turns away from A-1 and is struck in the back, falling to the floor. The official rules a blocking foul.  Was the official correct?


Q3. A-1’s dribble is interrupted when the ball deflects off his leg. A-2 requests a time-out while the ball is loose. The official grants the time-out request.  Was the official correct?
















A1. Yes. 3-1-1.

Once the warning signal has sounded 15 seconds before play is to resume, no players can enter the floor that were not at the table. This applies at the end of a quarter, halftime, timeouts, replacement of an injured player or replacing a disqualified playerA-6 reported too late. It helps keep the coaching gamesmanship to a minimum.


A2. No. 4-23-3e.

The guard may turn or duck to absorb the shock of imminent contact.


A3. No. 4-15-6c.