Teaser questions

posted Nov 28, 2018, 7:46 AM by Terry Irish

Q1: #4 A1 is dribbling the ball in the frontcourt near the division line. B1 reaches in and deflect the ball off of A1s leg causing the ball to roll into the backcourt. A1 recovers the ball in the backcourt. The official rules this a legal play. Is the official correct?


Q2: #29 A1, who is the thrower from a designated spot, fumbles the ball which rolls 8 feet away out of bounds, but not on to the playing court. A1 leaves the designated spot, retrieves the ball, returns to the designated spot and releases the ball before the count reaches 5 seconds. The official rules this a legal play. Is the official correct?


Q3: #59 A1 is injured and the official beckons the coach onto the floor to attend to A1. After 15 seconds, A1 is okay and the coach decides to keep A1 in the game. The official rules that Team A must use a time-out in order to keep A1 in the game. Is the official correct?













A1: No. 9-9-1. Don't confuse this with the new backcourt rule. A1 caused the ball to go into the backcourt.


A2: No. 7-6-3, 9-2-1. A1 can't leave the designated spot to retrieve the ball. Can A1 call a timeout? Can A2 retrieve the ball can give back to A1?


A3: Yes. 3-3-6. If B2 is injured on the same play. Both Team A and Team B must take a timeout to keep their injured players in the game. The timeout will still be 60 seconds in duration.