Teaser Questions

posted Dec 3, 2018, 11:14 AM by Terry Irish

Q1: Prior to A-1 releasing the ball on his/her free throw, B1 steps into the lane. The official inadvertently sounds the whistle. The official re-administers the free throw which is unsuccessful. The official allows the play to continue. Was the official correct?


Q2: A1 is fouled with one second remaining in the second quarter. Team A is awarded a throw-in and A1 passes the ball inbounds to A1, the horn sounds ending the quarter. As officials enter the court from the half-time intermission, the scorer informs the Referee that A1 should have been awarded a one-and-one bonus at the end of the second quarter. The Referee rules the error was discovered too late. Was the official correct?


Q3: A1 is fouled and is injured on the play. A6 enters to replace A1. Prior to A6 entering the semi-circle to attempt the free throws awarded to A1, A7 reports to replace A6. The official beckons A7 into the game. Was the official correct?















A1: No. 9-1-3g Penalty 2b. The inadvertent whistle does not negate the violation. When A1 misses the shot, the violation should then be enforced and A1 gets another attempt. If A1 made the initial attempt, the violation would be ignored.


A2: No. Rule(s) 2-10-1a, 2-10-6, 5-6-2 Exception 3. The error was discovered within the correctable error timeframe and should have been corrected. A1 should have been awarded a one-and-one bonus with the lane cleared. Restart the game from POI which is the AP arrow to start the third quarter.


A3: No. 8-2. A6 is the designated substitute for A1 and must shoot the free throws.