Teaser questions

posted Dec 16, 2018, 9:24 AM by Terry Irish

Q1: During warm-ups, the officials notice that some players have rolled the waistband on their shorts. What actions should be taken by the officials, if any, at this time? 


Q2: Dribbler A1 catches the ball with the right foot touching the floor and then jumps off that foot and alights on both feet simultaneous (a jump stop). A1 then pivots on the right foot. The official rules this a legal play. Is the official correct?


Q3: A1 attempts to score a goal. B1 while attempting to block the ball hangs on the rim to prevent injury, but causing the movable ring to contact the ball before the ring returns to its original position. The trail official rules basket interface. Is the official correct?



A1: Rule(s) 3-3-5, 3-5-5. During the warm-up period, the referee should notify the coach of the infractions and ask that they be corrected immediately. If the corrections are not made and players attempt to enter the game with rolled waistbands, those players should not be allowed to enter the game prior to correcting the issue. If player(s) in the game have rolled waistband(s), they shall be directed to leave the game and may not re-enter until the next opportunity to substitute. No penalty is involved. The game should not be held-up to allow for the correction.


Full disclosure: This came up at the meeting today and I had not heard anything about or given it any thought. After doing some research, above is what I found.


A2: No. Rule 4.44.2b. Read the rule carefully as there is a difference of catching the ball with both feet in the air as opposed to one or none in the air. This came up at the meeting today.


A3: Yes. Rule 4-6-4. This question also came up at the meeting today.