Teaser questions

posted Oct 28, 2019, 10:17 AM by Terry Irish
Basketball season is right around the corner. Let's start thinking about the rules.

Teaser #1 for the 2019-20 season:

Q1. While A-1 has the ball at his/her disposal for an alternating possession throw-in, A-2 fouls B-2. Team B is not in the bonus. The official charges A-2 with the foul and rules Team A retains the AP arrow.  Is the official correct?


Q2. A-1 jumps into the air to try for goal. A-1, seeing the try may be blocked, drops the ball to the floor. A-1 returns to the floor and catches the ball. The official rules a traveling violation. Is the official correct?


Q3. Thrower-in A-1 places the ball through the boundary line plane. B-1 fouls A-1. The official charges B-1 with a common foul. Is the official correct?

(Answers below)













A1. Yes. 6-4-5, 4-42-5

The only way that Team A can “lose” the arrow is to commit a violation.


A2. Yes. 4-15-1, 4-15-4a, 4-44-3c, 4-44-4b

If you lift your pivot foot you can only do 3 things: pass, shoot or call time out. You can’t start a dribble.


A3. No. 9-2-10 Penalties 4

I know, it seems like it should be a common foul as A-1 reached over the line.