Teaser questions

posted Nov 7, 2019, 11:24 AM by Terry Irish

These were the top 3 misses on this years cadet test which was taken last Monday, Mon 4th, 2019.

Q1: As the official is ready to toss the ball for a jump ball, A-2 backs straight off the circle. The official rules a violation. Is the official correct?

Q2: B-1 jumps in front of dribbler A-1. B-1 gets both feet down inbounds and is facing A-1, but does not give A-1 any time or distance to stop. The official charges B-1 with a blocking foul. Is the official correct?

Q3: While A-1 has the ball out of bounds for an alternating possession throw-in, B-2 fouls A-2. Team A is not in the bonus. The official awards the ball to Team A and instructs the scorer to turn the arrow when the ball is touched inbounds. Is the official correct?


Answers below:






A1: No. 6-3-2. A-2 is allowed to back off the circle, but not move into or around the circle.

A2: No. 4-23-1, 4-23-2. B-1 had established a legal guarding position and there is never a time or distance requirement when a player is in possession of the ball.

A3: No. 6-4-5. Team A will get the ball out of bounds because of a foul and will not lose the AP arrow. The only way Team A can lose the arrow is to successfully complete the throw-in or commit a violation.