Teaser questions

posted Nov 22, 2019, 7:43 AM by Terry Irish

Q1: One minute prior to game time, the Team A coach changes a designated starter. It is not due to necessity. The official assesses a technical foul to Team A. At half time the coach has the scorer change a player’s number in the scorebook and notifies an official. The official assesses no penalty.   Is the official correct?

Q2: While A-1s free throw is in flight, A-2 and B-2 commit a double personal foul followed by a free throw violation by A-3. The official resumes play using the AP procedure because neither team was in control.  Is the official correct?

Q3:  A-1 attempts a free throw that is successful. The scorer now notifies the official that A-1 has 5 fouls. The official cancels the free throw and has A-1’s substitute attempt the free throw. Is the official correct?


Answers below:






A1: Yes. 10-1-2 penalty.

A2: No. 4-36-2b

A3: No. 4-14-2, 9-9-1, 9-9-3