Teaser questions - week #6

posted Dec 18, 2017, 6:28 AM by Terry Irish

Q1: With the ball in their possession, Team A calls a time out. After the time out period expires, Team A is not ready to resume play. The official follows the resumption-of-play procedure, places the ball on the floor at the spot of the throw-in and begins a count. The official reaches a 5-count and calls a violation giving the ball to Team B. Team A is still not ready to play. The official calls a technical foul on Team A for delay of game. Is the official correct?


A1: No. 7-5-1. Team B should have put the ball in play. If Team B scores a goal and Team A is still not ready to play, a technical foul will then be assessed.


Q2: A-1 is dribbling in the backcourt. The official has reached an 8-count when B-1 taps the ball out of A-1’s hand hitting the official standing on the sideline, preventing the ball from going out of bounds. The official continues the count and rules a 10-second violation on Team A.  Is the official correct?


A2: No. Rule 4-4-4. The official is part of the floor, but was standing on the side line which is out-of-bounds. Team A should have been awarded a throw-in from a designated spot.


Q3: The AP arrow favors Team B to start the second quarter. Prior to the ball becoming live, a technical foul is charged to Team A. Following the free throws, Team B inbounds the ball and a held ball occurs. The official awards the throw-in to Team A under the AP procedure. Is the official correct?


A3: No. 6-4-5. The technical foul has no impact on the AP arrow. The only way for Team B to lose the AP arrow is to commit a violation.