Teaser Questions – Week #5

posted Dec 10, 2017, 11:57 AM by Terry Irish

 Administrative House Keeping Rules – Rule 3, Section 2


Q1: Seven minutes before the scheduled starting time for the game, Team A presents its team roster and its starting lineup to the scorer and then, at six minute prior to the game starting time, Team present two additional names to the scorer for the team list. The official rules Team A is charged with 1 technical for all offenses. Is the official correct?


A1: No. 3.2 Situation A, 2017-18 Case Book, page 14. Team A is assessed one technical foul for the violation of not presenting its team member list nor designating its starting lineup at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game starting time. Team A is also assessed one technical foul for the two names which were added to its team roster six minutes prior to the game staring time. There can be a maximum of two technical fouls assessed for administrative infractions to each team.


Q2: Team A properly submits its team member list and designated its five starters. However, the number for each team member is incorrect. The error is not detected until after the game has started. The official rules it’s too late to penalize Team A since the ball became live at the start of the game. Is the official correct?


A2: No. 3.2.2 Situation A, 2017-18 Case Book, page 15. One team technical foul is charged regardless of the number of players and substitutes not wearing the number indicated in the scorebook. Each player must wear the number indicated in the scorebook or change the scorebook number to that which he/she is wearing. Any substitutes who become players and required the changing of the number indicated for them in the scorebook will not result in a penalty as the one maximum technical foul has already been charged to the team for an administrative infraction.


Q3: Team A substitute #25 reports to the table for the first time with approximately one minute remaining in the second quarter and is beckoned onto the court. The ball is put in play by a throw-in from A1 to A2. The horn sounds and the scorer informs the officials that #25 is not listed in the scorebook. The official assesses Team A with a technical foul. Is the official correct?


A3: Yes. 3.2.2 Situation C, 2017-18 Case Book, page 15. #25 is currently in the game and became a player when he/she legally entered the court. Since his/her name and number must now be entered into the book, a technical foul is charged to Team A. Team A would not be charged any further administrative technical fouls.