Teaser's of the week ...

posted Jan 9, 2017, 6:32 AM by Terry Irish

01/09/17: Teaser questions


Q1: A1 is driving toward the basket and collides with B1. The trail official rules a blocking foul on B1 and at the same time the lead official rules a player control foul on A1, both giving preliminary signals. The officials confer and deem that a double foul has occurred. Were the officials correct?


Q2: A1 drives toward the basket and attempts a shot as he/she loses control of the ball. The ball goes through the basket from below and is on the rim above the basket where the ball is touched by B1. The official rules basket interference and awards Team A 2 points. Was the official correct?


Q3: During the warmups, the referee sees a player wearing an earring and tells the player to remove it or not to play. 5 minutes later the player returns along with the head coach from each team and the home team’s Athletic Director.  They all indicate to the referee that they are okay with the player wearing the earring as long as it is covered with tape. The referee allows the player to play with the earring. Was the official correct?


A1: Yes. 4-19-8. Since both officials gave preliminary signals, it’s too late to take one back. No foul shots on a double foul. Play resumes at the point of interruption (4-36-1). Both officials can blow their whistle on this play, but should withhold any preliminary signals until after conferring. Typically, this should be called by the official that the play is going toward, so the trail should defer to the lead, if the lead indicates he/she got a good look at the play.

A2: No. 9-4. A violation occurred as soon as the ball passed through the basket from below. B1 touched a dead ball. Award Team B the ball nearest the violation.


A3: No. 3-5-7, 3-7. NEVER EVER allow anyone to convince you that jewelry is safe. If anything happens (such as the earring pokes another player in the eye), you are on the hook. The player removes the unsafe item or they don’t play … PERIOD! END OF STORY!