Teaser's of the week ...

posted Jan 14, 2017, 6:19 AM by Terry Irish

01/14/17: Teaser questions


Q1: Team A is awarded the ball for a throw-in under the alternating possession procedure.  A1, while holding the ball, loses balance and steps in-bounds on to the court. The official rules a violation on A1, but indicates that Team A retains the AP arrow as A1 did not complete the throw-in. Was the officials correct?


Q2: A1 is directed to leave the game because his/her jersey is not tucked into the game pants. The official notifies the Team A coach that a replacement is required and then instructs the time timer to begin a 20-second replacement interval because a substitute is not made available immediately. Team A’s head coach then requests a timeout to keep A1 in the game. The official says the substitute must enter the game prior to granting a time out. Was the official correct?


Q3: Team B is charged with a technical foul for an excessive timeout. During the timeout period A6 replaces A1. At the conclusion of the timeout A1 replaces A2 without notifying the table or officials. A1 then makes the first of the two free throw when the coach of Team B notifies the officials that Team A made an illegal substitution. The officials agree and start a correctable error procedure. Were the officials correct?


A1: No. 6-4-5. The opportunity to make an AP throw-in is lost if the throw-in team violates. Team B is awarded the ball and the AP arrow.

A2: Yes. 3.3.5. Once A1 is replaced by a substitute, the coach may then call a timeout. If the substitute is not made available prior to the interval expiring, the coach would be assessed with an indirect technical foul.


A3: No. 3.3.3. Once A1 entered the game, even illegally, and the ball became live, A1 was a legal player. The situation does not come under the provisions for the correctable error rule.