Teaser's of the week ...

posted Jan 22, 2017, 7:01 AM by Terry Irish

01/22/17: Teaser questions


Q1: The score is Team B:62 Team A:60 when A1 is fouled with no time on the clock at the end of the 4th quarter. Team A is not in the bonus, but erroneously A1 is awarded a bonus and makes both free throws to tie the score sending the game into OT.  As the ball leaves the officials hand during the jump to start the OT, but before the ball is touched by any players, the timer blows the horn to indicate that Team A was not in the bonus. The officials confer, correct the error by canceling A1’s made free throws and then declare the game is over.  Were the officials correct?


Q2: A1, while holding the ball inbounds near the sideline, inadvertently touches a photographer's arm who is standing out-of-bounds. The official rules A1 out-of-bounds and awards the ball to Team B. Was the official correct?


Q3: A1, while dribbling inadvertently touches the scorer’s table while A1’s feet are in-bounds. The official rules A1 out-of-bounds and awards the ball to Team B.  Was the official correct?


A1: No. 5.7.1. This was a correctable error situation and canceling the free throws and adjusting the score was correct. However, once the ball becomes live (leaves the officials hand) in the overtime period, the extra period must be played to completion.

A2: No. 7.1.1. A1 is not out-of-bounds. To be out-of-bounds, A1 must touch the floor or some object on or outside a boundary. People are not considered to be objects and play continues.


A3: Yes. 7.1.2. A1 touched an object out-of-bounds, therefore the ball is considered out-of-bounds and the ball is awarded to Team B.