Teaser's of the Week #3

posted Nov 26, 2017, 6:36 AM by Terry Irish

 Q1: While the ball is in flight on a try for goal, the signal sounds indicating time has expired in the first quarter. Prior to the ball becoming dead, A-1 is assessed a technical foul. The official starts the second quarter by administering the free throws for the technical foul. Is the official correct?


A1: No. 5-6-2 Exception 3. The quarter does not end until the time expires and the ball is dead. The technical foul occurred during the first quarter and must be administered in the first quarter.


Q2: The official notices that A-1 is bleeding and directs him/her to the bench to be replaced. The coach decides to replace A-1. The official instructs the timer to start the 15-second clock. After the warning horn has sounded, the coach requests a time-out to keep A-1 in the game. The official grants the request and allows A-1 to remain in the game. Is the official correct?


A2: No. 3-3-7 Note 2. The coach needs to notify the official before the replacement interval begins.


Q3: While A-1’s final free throw is in flight; a double personal foul is committed. The try is successful. The official counts the free throw and awards the ball to Team B for a throw-in. Is the official correct?


A3: Yes. 4-36-2b, 6-7-7 Exception B