This could happen at any level game

posted Jan 16, 2020, 6:36 AM by Terry Irish

Scenario from the membership:

1.    A bench technical foul was assessed against an assistant coach for Team A. When reported to the table, the home book girl (who we later learned to be the daughter of the Team A coach) said she wasn't putting the indirect against the head coach into the book because "it was a terrible call." 

2.    Later in the game, there was a foul against a Team A player that the home book girl again hadn't put into the book. My partner and I were certain of this, because the foul had been recently called, and the foul count hadn't changed on the scoreboard. It caused a slight delay in the game while we conferenced with coaches and the visiting book to confirm that the total team fouls for Team A was inaccurate in the home book and accurate in the visiting book.

3.    Towards the end of the game, a visiting player was called for a foul and the home book indicated that it was the player's 5th foul. The visiting book indicated the player only had 4. We defaulted to the home book and removed the player from the game, but had no confidence that the foul count was accurate in the home book, given the previous problems we'd had with her, and her relationship to the home coach.

4.    There was a kid giving color commentary and play by play on a microphone the whole game.  Inappropriate reactions to plays were broadcast. Worst of all, in the last 30 seconds of a 1 point game, there was a hard foul under a basket, and before any information had been reported to the table, the kid announced over the microphone that there had been a foul on the other team. Fortunately he was correct - but we had to have a conversation with him after reporting the foul about how hard it would have been for him to announce something different if what we reported didn't match his announcement.

My partner and I talked after the game and determined that if we had the game to redo, the home book girl would have been dismissed from the scorer's table after refusing to put the indirect technical into the book, and the visiting book would have become the official book for the game.

We also decided that we should have pulled the plug on the kid with the microphone and removed him from the table so that there wasn't any announcement of any kind for the remainder of the game.

Would those have been the right moves? (See my comments below.)

And the Team A A.D. wasn't at the game - just some guy who said he was site administrator for the night. We asked him at halftime to talk with both the home book girl and the kid on the microphone, which he said he had done. But neither improved their behavior in the 2nd half. So I reported all this to the assignor for the game, and he said he'd talk with Team A A.D. today. 

TRI-> Removing the scorekeeper and the announcer would have been the correct moves. All table members are part of your crew and the referee has the authority to make the moves. Rule(s): 2.3, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.3

And finally 2.8.1 Note: "In absence of a designated school representative, the home coach shall serve as the host management."