You make the call ...

posted Dec 27, 2019, 8:02 AM by Terry Irish
This is a play submitted by a 175 member:

 I would like an answer but more importantly I'd like to consult the manual.

"A-Team has the ball in their front court, with A1 standing on the wing with both feet on the floor.

A1 receives a pass, catching it in two hands.

A1 hops to a new spot, lifting both feet off the floor, landing on two feet.

As A1 attempts a try for goal (which is successful), the official blows a violation.

The official calls traveling and waves off the shot."

Is the official correct?

TRI response->

Traveling is covered under Rule 4, Section 44.

The closest ruling to what you’ve described below is Article 1: “A player who catches the ball with both feet on the floor may pivot using either foot. When one foot is lifted, the other is the pivot foot.”

So one A-1 jumps, one of the feet becomes the pivot. Once a pivot foot is lifted there are only 3 options: shoot, pass or call time out. When A-1 lands, A1 has travelled as the pivot foot was picked up and put back down. I am sure others may dispute it, but until it’s in the case book it will be questioned.

What is your ruling (with a reference of course)?