Middle School games in Mid-Wach

posted Nov 20, 2018, 5:17 AM by Terry Irish   [ updated Nov 25, 2018, 6:07 AM ]

Hi Everyone

Please excuse my annual plea for middle school basketball officials.  I am just about to start assigning games (under Dave DeCarolis, about 1/2 of the Mid Wach middle schools).  Even if you have reached out to me prior to this email, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL.

New officials:  Please make sure you are ready to go by Tuesday, December 11th regarding uniforms.  I will make every attempt to pair you with veteran officials for a while until you get more comfortable.

Veteran officials:  I'm always looking for veteran officials to fill some slots and most importantly, help train the new officials.  Please assist in every way possible (switching, game management, mechanics, etc).  

Everyone:  When you respond to this email, please give me any request/limitations/specific dates that you need to give me.  I will try to keep you fairly close to home, but be aware my schools run from Winchendon to Stow so you will need to take some rides at times.  Check Arbiter daily and updating your blocks makes assigning smoother.

Thanks for the cooperation!

Dan Berry: danieljberry@verizon.net