MVC / CAC Assignor's message

posted Dec 3, 2019, 2:38 PM by Terry Irish

Bob Oreal’s Basketball Evaluation Clinic (for the Merrimac Valley Conference & Commonwealth Athletic Conference)


I will be running an "Evaluation Clinic" on 12/8/19. This will give me the opportunity to evaluate you personally. This will ensure that you are assigned at the correct level. 


12/8/19 @ North Andover High School / 1:00 PM Varsity Girls’ Scrimmage.  This is open to any experienced official who does not currently receive varsity assignments from me or for any official who wants to move up a level. 


This would be a good opportunity for those officials new to my arbiter site this year who feel they can handle this level. This is not restricted to varsity girls’ officials. 


Please respond by using the " Evaluation Clinic Sign-Up” form on


If you know anyone else who would be interested, and is not registered on my Arbiter site, let him or her know. They can notify me of their intentions using the same method.


Last year several officials moved up a level because of attending one of these clinics.


Disregard this memo if you are a veteran varsity official receiving assignments from me and happy with the level you are working.


Bob O.